About the Program


The Department of Teacher Education will prepare competent teachers for effective leadership and service roles in a multicultural, global, and technological society.


Upon completion of the Teacher Education Program at Edward Waters College, graduates will RISE to become Reflective decision makers, Instructional leaders, Systematic planners, and Effective communicators.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Assessment
The pre-professional teacher will use assignment strategies (traditional and alternative) to assist the continuous development of the learner.

Goal 2: Communication
The pre-professional teacher will use effective communication techniques with students and all other stakeholders.

Goal 3: Continuous Improvement
The pre-professional teacher will engage in continuous professional quality improvement for self and school.

Goal 4: Critical Thinking
The pre-professional teacher will use appropriate techniques and strategies which promote and enhance critical, creative, and valuative thinking capabilities of students.

Goal 5: Diversity
The pre-professional teacher will use teaching and learning strategies that reflect each student's culture, learning styles, special needs, and socio-economic background.

Goal 6: Ethics
The pre-professional teacher will adhere to the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida.

Goal 7: Human Development and Learning
The pre-professional teacher will use an understanding of learning and human development to provide a positive learning environment that supports the intellectual, personal, and social development of all students.

Goal 8: Knowledge of Subject Matter
The pre-professional teacher will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Goal 9: Learning Environments
The pre-professional teacher will create and maintain positive learning environments in which students are actively engaged in social learning, social interaction, cooperative learning, and self-motivation.

Goal 10: Planning
The pre-professional teacher will plan, implement, and evaluate effective instruction in a variety of learning environments.

Goal 11: Role of the Teacher
The pre-professional teacher will work with various education professionals, parents, and other stakeholders in the continuous improvement of the educational experiences of the students.

Goal 12: Technology
The pre-professional teacher will use appropriate technology in teaching and learning processes.

Program Outcome

Program learning outcomes for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) are based on the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP), associated indicators, and subject area standards and competencies.