Laboratories and Resources

Computing Facilities
Includes a supercomputer (BEOWULF) Linux cluster of 24 servers with two processors in each and seven UNIX work stations, each networked to the cluster. We have three other computer laboratories with the Internet access and a campus-wide course management system (Moodle).

Mathematics Laboratory
Includes 24 computers with various type of software (Maple, MathLab, OriginLab) licensed and installed, and a Smart-board. Math tutoring is also done in this laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory
Includes PerkinElmer GC-Mass Spectrometer, Varian FT-IR Spectrophotometer, Milipore water purification system, balances, incubators, UV-VIS Spectrophotometers (Spectronic-20), pH meters, fume hood, and melting point apparatus.

Physics Laboratory
Includes 12 computers with Internet access and loaded with Electronics Workbench (Electronics Simulation Program), Maple, OriginLab software and National Instruments NI Elvis PCI 6251 bundle; along with an electronic and electrical circuit simulations software called  Labview.

Material Science Laboratory
Includes PerkinElmer Lambda 950 Vis/Nir spectrometer with transmission and reflection sample holders, Hall Effect measurement system, and a Denton Desktop Pro radio-frequency (RF) plasma sputtering system.