Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Message from the Chair:

Welcome to the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Edward Waters College.  As the department is enhancing its mission, we are continuously working closely with our students, other departments and the community to provide a well-rounded and meaningful education in Social and Behavioral Sciences.  We are strengthening the curriculum so that our students will be stronger critical thinkers, researchers, and social justice advocates.  As a whole, our department and its faculty members are re-evaluating and re-examining our research focus and interests, seeking grant funding and developing our research student scholars, redesigning our web-page, and increasing our presence both on campus and in the community. We are excited to announce that our Psychology and History Clubs are very active.  The Psychology Club is engaging in collaborative work with the Jacksonville Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologist (ABPsi).  In addition, our alumni are integral to our success; therefore, we are reconnecting with you.  If you are an alumni from the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences please click on the alumni link to inform us of where you are what you are doing.  The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is looking for students who want be a part of our mission.  Once again, I extend my greetings to you and have a successful 2015-2016 academic year.

Location and Contact Information:

We have moved to 1626 Grunthal Street Jacksonville, FL 32209



Mission of the Department

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Edward Waters College (EWC) consists of History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.  Within the department, Psychology is the only program that offers a major and minor. History, Political Sciences and Sociology provide supportive and general education courses to Psychology and EWC.

The Psychology program is modeled after the American Psychological Association's (APA) guidelines for undergraduate training and prepares its psychology students with broad training and experiential learning opportunities which supports the development of analytical and critical thinkers, researchers, and equips students with the knowledge and skills for graduate work, entry level jobs and to be citizens of the 21st century.

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the Psychology program our students will:

  1. Have a strong knowledge base in psychology and the human condition.
  2. Be critical and analytical thinkers.
  3. Be ethically and socially responsible.
  4. Be effective communicators in written, oral presentations, and users of visual aids in scholarly and professional settings.
  5. Continue to engage in personal and professional development activities
  6. Be advocates for diversity, social justice and globalization.
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