Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Advising services in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) are provided to all admitted students of the College, but primarily targets freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students. The central goal of CETL advisors is to promote academic excellence and retention among students at Edward Waters College while helping them discover opportunities that will advance their educational goals. Advisors will clarify matriculation processes, promote excellence, and inform students about course requirements that must be completed prior to transitioning to their major department.


Academic advising is a developmental process. The mission of the CETL academic advising is to provide a supportive atmosphere that promotes the educational and professional development of students and empowers them to take responsibility for achieving their academic goals.


To aspire lifelong learning among students at Edward Waters College.

Program Goals

Advising should assist students to:

  • Understand support services available at Edward Waters College.
  • Understand policies and procedures at Edward Waters College.
  • Make decisions based on available information.
  • Examine their academic progress toward the realization of their goals.

Program Outcome

  • Students will recognize the need for and acquire an ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Students will acquire an ability to communicate effectively.
  • Students will be satisfied with the academic advising services at Edward Waters College.
  • Faculty and staff will be satisfied with the quality of academic advising services.
  • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will provide faculty and CETL advisors adequate training and professional development.

Highlights of Special Programs

The CETL academic advisors will offer academic empowerment workshops to students of the College. These workshops are designed to promote academic success. The workshops will be presented during the fall and spring semesters. The following are some of the workshop topics that will be presented:

  • Studying and Test Taking Strategies
  • Mid-Term "Prep for Success"
  • Time Management
  • Surviving Pre-Registration
  • Top 10 Things That Annoy and Impress Professors
  • Do It Right: Tips To a Great Semester