Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement is a process that by design and intention facilitates students understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning (NACADA, 2004). The advising process – a cooperative effort of the advisor and advisee – is designed with the intent to develop an academic plan that results in the awarding of a degree from Edward Waters College.

At Edward Waters College, academic advisement provides students with the opportunity to build a relationship with an advisor for the purpose of gaining assistance in developing and implementing their career and educational plan. Academic Advisors further assist students in learning skills required for academic success and help students access the variety of resources and services available to them at Edward Waters College.

Academic Advisement is a collaborative, educational process where advisors and students share a partnership in meeting the essential learning outcomes, ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students academic, career, and personal goals. The Academic Advisement component of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) will also provide assistance to students with documented or perceived conditions that could impede their access to academic success. Services include advising, learning improvement resources, classroom support, and other services that promote independent learning and increase confidence in the students ability to succeed while enrolled at Edward Waters College.

The advisor/student partnership requires involvement and participation of both the advisor and student as it is built over the student's entire educational experience at Edward Waters College. Both have clear responsibilities for ensuring a successful academic advising partnership.