Focused Academic Motivating Excellence (FAME)

Ms. Gladys Clay
Director of FAME

Contact Information
Polly Brooks Building, Office 210
Phone: (904) 470-8780  E-mail:


The mission of the Focused Academic Motivating Excellence (FAME) program is to promote cognitive and effective growth of students in order to prepare them for college-level work. FAME is designed to assist academically under-prepared students to increase their proficiency levels in the areas of English/writing, reading/study skills, and mathematics. Program placement is based on a college-level readiness screening test (ACT/SAT/CPT). This program is also designed to appeal directly to the multicultural students by using the language and idioms that are a part of their specific culture. Within the Christian atmosphere of the college, students will learn how to succeed not only academically, but also spiritually.


  • To provide academic direction to students so they can become and remain academically successful.
  • To increase course completion rates of students.
  • To increase the retention and graduation rate of students enrolled in two or more developmental courses.


  • Conduct activities that will offer early exposure to academic expectations.
  • Assess academic skills and place students in appropriate courses.
  • Provide strong academic advising and academic counseling to students.
  • Design and administer an Academic Enrichment Services Participation Agreement for students.
  • Develop an assessment plan.
  • Collaborate with faculty in referring students, in monitoring students, and in reporting academic progress.
  • Initiate a required study hall for all FAME students.
  • Implement a peer mentoring and peer tutoring programs to provide one-on-one support for FAME students.

Session Outcomes

  • Understand the instructional architecture, content, and learning activities from the instructor's and the learner's perspectives.
  • Implement and use the product in the program or classroom.
  • Navigate the lesson structure, features, and tools.
  • Use online and offline tests, if applicable.
  • Use the reporting resources.
  • Design a learner orientation.

FAME also provides peer tutoring and peer mentoring not only to FAME students but to the entire student body.

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