The Office of Institutional Planning, Research & Effectiveness (OIPRE)

OIPRE Mission and Objectives:
The Office of Institutional Planning, Research & Effectiveness (OIPRE) – a department of the President’s Office – provides official institutional statistics, analyses, and research to support and improve management decision-making on campus. In support of this mission, OIPRE:

  • provides for the institution's accountability and compliance reporting to the federal government and related agencies;
  • collects, analyzes, and presents executive personnel with information related to critical, institutional decision-making;
  • performs strategic analysis and reporting related to planning, assessment, and accreditation
  • and produces analyses and research related to broad, institutional concerns.

The office publishes the EWC Fact Book supplemented by an Institutional Profile which is updated annually to provide quick facts about the college and provides official documentation of student enrollment and other institutional common data sets.

In addition the office is charged with the responsibility of  maintaining a web presence for the publication of the institution’s Substantive Change Policy. This policy governs all changes to college academic programs, structure, ownership and classification which are deemed to be substantive changes as defined by SACS must be developed in keeping with the College’s Substantive Change Policy and approved by SACS prior to implementation.