Directions - Information Requests - Establishing Priority

We in OIPRE would love to respond to all possible data/information questions as they are raised—and immediately. Unfortunately, curiosity and the need for information in an academic/intellectual community expand faster than resources and time available. Further, ongoing background tasks (often relating to compliance reporting), highly critical for the College, must be completed on schedules not our own making—although generally we would prefer to work on your research project. Therefore, we review ad hoc requests in light of their apparent priority and importance to the College. In reviewing requests, we attend to how many persons in the College community are potentially affected by the service, how important is that effect, and what consequences could befall a failure to satisfy the request. These considerations are reviewed in the context of how difficult and time consuming the request is to satisfy and how critical the request is to the College’s mission. Alternatively, priority is often established based on prominence of the requestor. It may be useful, therefore, to have your request supported by higher authority to garner higher priority in execution. Further, it is often useful to break your request down into specific, quickly serviced tasks.

Following is the general order of the priority of service requests:
1.    Federal & State government information demands
2.    Board of Trustees requests
3.    EWC College Presidential/CEO/EVP requests
4.    EWC College Vice Presidential requests
5.    EWC College-wide Task Force & Committee Requests
6.    EWC College Deans’ requests
7.    Department Head, Chair, Director Requests
8.    Individual/personal requests