Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson graduated from Edward Waters College in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.

While attending Edward Waters College, he began working for the United Parcel Service (UPS) as a part-time employee. Because of his attention to detail and exemplary leadership and managerial skills, he was promoted to part-time hub supervisor in 1969; in 1970 Johnson was promoted to full-time hub supervisor.

His time at UPS was interrupted when he was drafted into the United States Army, where he was promoted to Sergeant, became the PL&L supervisor, worked for the Post Commander, and assumed duties as a Race Relations Specialist at Fort Carson, Colo.

He returned to UPS in 1973 and was promoted to Hub Sort Manager. During his tenure at UPS, he also performed duties as a Mail Room Trailer Dispatcher, UPS Personnel Supervisor, Driver Training Supervisor, and a Trainer for newly appointed supervisors at the Jacksonville hub of UPS.

Retiring from UPS in 1986, Johnson embarked upon his first business venture with two friends – John A. Wiggins, Sr. and Doyle G. Johnson, both who attended Edward Waters College. At Wiggins Automotive Service Center, Inc., Carl served as Chief Operating Officer and Operations Manager. Carl is now the CEO and President of White Drum BBQ and Catering and is CEO and President of Concierge by Carl, a networking and resource firm.

In 1977, he served as President of the Edward Waters College Alumni Association, a position he held for two years. Johnson served as president of the Northwest Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for four years, and was selected Small Business Leader of the Year in 1987. He is now a proud member of the Council of Past Presidents of the EWC Alumni Association. Carl will continue to serve as the Membership Chair of the Jacksonville Chapter of the EWCAA until 2011. In 2008, he served as the Chairman for the EWC Homecoming Committee. Presently Carl is an ardent supporter of and volunteers with the EWC Athletic Department. Carl is also the voice of the "EWC Alumni Town Crier" - a voice that is familiar to many EWC alumni and friends through the EWC alumni phone tree.