EWC Alum Publishes Book, Credits College for Success



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sam Doles, 32, says it has been a long, bumpy road to becoming a published writer. But she hopes her journey can help others along the way.  Doles graduated from the Edward Waters College CLIMB program in 2007 where she earned a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. But she says getting that degree was far from easy for her. She was caring for her 12-week-old daughter when she enrolled.

It was also during that time that Doles hand wrote her first novel, "My Theory About the Moon." The book is about an immigrant family living in the fictional town Duval, Florida. The main character, Tazman St. Noir, becomes the sole provider and struggles throughout the book in this role. It isn't until Tazman realizes that happiness is a choice, that his life changes.

Doles says it's a lesson she had to learn the hard way. Doles was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and lived with a lot of anger and negativity in her life. She says when she let it go, her life turned around.

"When my mind changed, my heart changed. When my heart changed, my life followed," said Doles. "Being happy was literally a conscious choice I had to make each and every day."

It's the same attitude she takes with her all over the country to book readings and signings. "My Theory About the Moon" is now available in the public library, and she is working to bring it to EWC's campus. "This is the campus that taught me how to make my dreams come true," said Doles.

Doles is the first for three generations to attend and graduate from college. And she hopes her story and message of never giving up inspires other Edward Waters College students to do the same.

Sam Doles will be featured on The Morning Show on WJXT-TV Monday to talk about her book. Her next novel "Even When the Sun Don't Shine," will be released next spring.