Renee Fredericks: From EWC to Medical School


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Renee Fredericks always dreamed of having the title "Doctor" in front of her name. Her biology professors say it's what pushed her while she was at Edward Waters College. "She was a top student, a go-getter. And she worked hard," said Dr. Brian Seymour.

This year Fredericks is using the same determination in the University of Health Sciences Antigua, School of Medicine. She started her first semester there this fall. "Renee is the first Edward Waters College student to go to medical school in at least the past seven years," said Dr. Seymour.

In the program, Fredericks began her studies in the Caribbean Island of Antigua and will complete medical school in the United States. Fredericks graduated from the class of 2012, Magna Cum Laude with a 3.71 GPA. After graduating, she spent the last year working as a pharmacy technician and part-time science teacher to save for medical school.

"We knew she had it in her," said Dr. Seymour. Fredericks was one of EWC's top biology students, and that helped Dr. Seymour secure a scholarship for her first two years of medical school. "This was my goal too when I came to EWC. I wanted to see our graduates become doctors or scientists," said Dr. Seymour.

Fredericks hopes to become a family practice physician serving in a minority community. So far she is doing so well, that the University of Health Sciences Antigua is willing to offer a similar scholarship to another Edward Waters College Biology student.

"I want Renee's story to motivate other students. They need to know that they can do this too, if they put the hard work it takes to do it," said Dr. Seymour.