The Department of Residence Life

Dr. Karen Buckman
Dean of Students/ Director of Residence Life
Phone: (904) 470-8212

The Department of Residential Life assists in creating a living and learning environment that both challenges and supports the personal, social, spiritual, and academic development of our residents and their communities, while supporting the academic and institutional goals of the College.


  • Create an environment that fosters and respects diversity and individual differences.
  • Develop a resident staff that is well trained and diverse in the programs and expectations of a residential living environment.
  • Ensure residential living environment is safe and non-threatening.


  • Develop cultural programs that produce positive changes within residential living with a focus on individuality, differences, and diversity.
  • Introduce training sessions focusing on professional expectations of resident staff, while delivering superior customer service through benchmark practices.
  • Continue constant dialogue of zero tolerance; increase student policy awareness through weekly dorm meetings and increased security.
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