Division of Student Affairs Staff

Dr. Eric Jackson
Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Phone: (904) 470-8896
E-mail: eric.jackson@ewc.edu


Dr. Karen Buckman
Interim Dean of Students and Residence Life
Phone: (904) 470-8211
E-mail: karen.buckman@ewc.edu

Rev. Dr. D. Lovett Sconiers, J.D., M.Div., D.D.
Chaplain / Religion Professor & Campus Ministry Facilitator
Phone: (904) 470-8056
E-mail: dlsconiers@ewc.edu


Ms. Beverly Bolton
Health Service Coordinator
Phone: (904) 470-8128
E-mail: b.bolton@ewc.edu


Ms. Elvera Carter
Counseling Center
Phone: (904) 470-8990
E-mail: evcarter@ewc.edu


Ms. Donna Drye-McFadden
Administrative Assistant - HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Coordinator
Phone: (904) 470-8210
Fax: (904) 470-8020
E-mail: donna.dryemcfadden@ewc.edu


Mrs. Jeanette Flynn-Minus
Coordinator for Student Activities
Phone: (904) 470-8223
E-mail: j.minus@ewc.edu


Ms. Kathy Payne Foreman
Director for Career Services
Phone: (904) 470-8007
Fax: (904) 470-8020
E-mail: Kathy.foreman@ewc.edu


Mr. Darren Gardner
Director for Black Male Explorers
Phone: (904) 470-8001
E-mail: d.gardener@ewc.edu


Mr. Henry Smith
Assistant Coordinator for Student Activities
Phone: (904) 470-8223
E-mail: hsmith@ewc.edu

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