Student Grievance Form

Edward Waters College hopes that minor differences can be resolved without using the formal grievance process. Every student has the right to file a grievance. The grievance form is used to report bullying, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate behavior(s) or any mistreatment.

College officials will investigate and take the appropriate steps to resolve grievances. Students must complete the form and provide as much detailed information as possible, allowing the grievance to be properly investigated. It is important that facts are reported and cooperation is involved with the person(s) designated to investigate the grievance.

Charges of inappropriate social media of any kind, (cyber bullying, sexting, Facebook, twitter), harassment, discrimination, inappropriate behavior(s), are taken very seriously and will not be tolerated on our campus.

The College will make every reasonable effort to handle and respond to charges and grievances filed in a fair, thorough and just manner. Each reasonable effort will be made to protect the due process and rights of the alleged offenders. Retaliation against a person who files a grievance is prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary actions.

Investigations are conducted in a confidential manner; the College will disclose the content of a grievance only to those who have a need to know. Grievance forms are available from all college faculty, staff and administrators. Click here for more information about the EWC Student Grievance Procedure Policy.


Steps to Filing a Grievance

  • Complete the grievance form (use additional paper if needed)
  • Submit to the appropriate office


Click here to access the EWC Student Grievance Form.