Edward Waters College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.  The Campus Security Department is located in the Tookes Building at 1660 Kings Road and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Suspected criminal activity or any emergency situation on campus should be reported immediately.  Dialing ext. 8888 from any campus phone will provide 24 hour direct contact with the Campus Security Department.  From a pay phone or off campus phone, dial:  470-8888.  In all emergencies, 911 should be dialed for emergency medical service or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.


This report complies with standards established by The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act).  This law requires colleges and universities to:


  • Collect, classify and count crime reports and statistics
  • Issue campus alerts
  • Publish an annual security report
  • Submit crime statistics to the Department of Education
  • Maintain a daily crime log
  • Disclose missing student notification procedures
  • Provide fire safety information


This report is available to all current students and employees and is provided upon request to any applicant for enrollment or employment.  This information is also available by visiting the Edward Waters College web site at www.ewc.edu.  A hard copy can be requested by contacting the Campus Security Department at (904) 470-8888, or by making a written request to Edward Waters College, 1658 Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL  32209.


General Campus Safety and Security Policies

The Campus Security Department is the primary security agency on campus. The campus security officers are not sworn police officers and are not empowered to make arrests.  They are contract security officers employed by Allied Barton Security Services who provide armed security services on the Edward Waters campus.


The College documents and investigates incidents on campus including collection of physical evidence, video surveillance, and written or recorded statements.  In cases where law enforcement officers have initiated an investigation, administrative investigations may be delayed until the conclusion of law enforcement investigative efforts.



Access to Facilities


Edward Waters College campus is private property.  Access to campus facilities is restricted to registered students, authorized visitors and employees of the College.   All visitors must check in at the Campus Security Office and receive a Visitors Pass before entering any campus facility.  All others will be asked to leave the campus.  Residence Life staff and Campus Security officers are responsible for enforcing all on-campus regulations including, but not limited to, campus visitation policies.


Security and Maintenance of Campus Facilities

The Campus Security Department routinely checks campus lighting and performs routine checks with respect to building security, landscaping and other potential security issues.  Problems discovered are reported to the Facilities Department.  Students, faculty and staff are advised against keeping large sums of money or other valuables in their rooms, offices or vehicles.  For stolen and/or damaged property, your insurance company should be contacted for claims processing information.  The College assumes no responsibility for items lost or stolen from rooms, offices or vehicles.


Emergency Information

Phone Numbers
Campus Security: (904) 470-8888
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (non-emergency): (904) 630-0500; if you have an emergency please call 9-1-1
Counseling Center: (904) 470-8990
Residential Life: (904) 470-8225
Facilitites: (904) 470-8156
Information Technology: (904) 470-8170
Student Affairs: (904) 470-8210
Academic Affairs: (904) 470-8071


EWC Emergency Notifications


Upon confirmation of a serious or emergency situation that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community, a campus wide notice will be disseminated.  Events subject to emergency notifications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ongoing act or threat of violence with a weapon or explosive device
  • Chemical/hazardous material spill or incident
  • Outbreak of meningitis or other serious illness
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Civil unrest or rioting
  • Explosion
  • Building fire


The Notification will be made as soon as possible under the following guidelines:


Authority to activate a public notification rests with the President.  The President may designate personnel with the authority to activate a notification.  In situations when there is not time for consultation, any member of the President’s Cabinet will initiate a notification. It will be delivered without delay to students, faculty and employees by one or a combination of the following methods:

  • EWC News Emails and All Student Emails
  • EWC Website


Edward Waters College is in the process of installing Talk-A-Phone towers on campus and when fully installed, towers will be located at Hatcher-Stewart, Morris Cone, Adams-Jenkins Sports & Music Complex and wall mounted units located at Salter Hall and Tiger Landing.  The emergency phone units will call directly to the EWC Campus Security Office.


Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

The Edward Waters College Campus Safety and Emergency Action and Recovery Plan provides the framework for an organized response to various emergency situations.  When activated, the President or his designee will announce evacuation of all or part of the campus.  All persons are to immediately vacate the site in question and relocate to another part of the campus or leave the campus as directed.


Edward Waters College will participate in emergency tests or evacuation drills at least once per year to assess and evaluate emergency procedures and capabilities.  The Campus Security Department will document each test, including the date, time, and whether it was announced or unannounced.


Reporting a Campus Incident

In the event of an emergency, call the local police, fire or emergency medical services.  This can be accomplished by dialing 911 from any telephone on campus.  These professionally trained law enforcement officers and medical emergency personnel are the first responders to all emergencies on campus.  For non-emergency matters  contact the Campus Security Office at (904) 470-8888.

All instances of criminal occurrence, property loss, assault, threat, injury or potential crime must be reported.  At a minimum, these occurrences should be reported to the Campus Security Department.  Members of the community are encouraged to report any suspicious activity that they observe on campus.  While no written agreement exists between the College and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, members of the Campus Security Department work closely with the Sheriff’s Office to investigate and resolve reported criminal activity.


Counseling Programs

The Counseling Center of Edward Waters College is the primary source of wellness and mental health services on campus.  Services include individual and group counseling, crisis counseling, consultation, referral, outreach and educational programming.  The Counseling Center is located in the Collins Student Union Building.  Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m.  Appointments are available.  Contact the Campus Security Office at (904) 470-8888 for after hour emergencies

Counseling and consultation services are provided for a wide range of personal concerns including alcohol/drug problems, family concerns, adjustment issues, homesickness, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, roommate conflicts, relationship issues and others. Brochures and educational materials are also available on many of these topics.  The Counseling Center web page; ewc.edu/student/counseling; contains a virtual brochure site on many health and wellness topics.


Ms. Elvera Carter, B.A., M.Ed.                                   Rev. Dr. D. Lovett Sconiers, J.D., M.Div., D.D.

Student Affairs Counselor/                                       Chaplain/Religion Professor & Campus Ministry Facilitator

Disability Services Provider                                        Phone:  (904) 470-8128

Phone:  (904) 470-8990                                          E-mail: disconiers@ewc.edu

E-mail: evcarter@ewc.edu


Ms. Donna Drye-McFadden

HIV/AIDA Prevention Program Coordinator

Phone: (904) 470-8231

E-mail:  donna.dryemcfadden@ewc.edu


Community Resources

Rape Crisis Center (24 hours)                         358-7273

Hotline (24 hours)                                        632-0600

Victim Services                                             630-6300

Family Counseling Services

1639 Atlantic Blvd. #101                              396-4846

Gateway Community Services

555 Stockton Street                                    387-4661

Mental Health Resource Center

11820 Beach Blvd.                                       642-9100

Suicide hotline                                           1-800-SUICIDE


Support Groups


Outpatient Pastoral Counseling Center              398-2437

Al0anon                                                       350-0600

Narcotics Anonymous                                     723-5683


Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Drug – Free Schools and Communities Act requires that as a condition of receiving funds or financial assistance under any Federal program, the College must create and maintain a drug-free environment and implement a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use or distribution of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by its students.


Edward Waters College is fully committed to making good faith efforts in achieving a drug and alcohol free environment for its students.  The unlawful manufacture, use, possession, distribution and sale of narcotics and drugs in any form other than by proper prescription are strictly prohibited on the campus of Edward Waters College, and at college sponsored events.


Awareness Programs

In support of its Federal Compliance Policy, Edward Waters College has implemented a drug awareness program to acquaint employees with the serious health risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol; the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace; the availability of counseling, rehabilitation and employee assistance programs; and the penalties imposed on employees for drug abuse violations.


Smoking Policy


Edward Waters College is a smoke free campus.  Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls, balconies, laundry facilitates, recreation rooms and courtyards.


Personal Safety and Security on Campus

The Campus Security Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Its main function is to provide patrol and physical security services to the college community.

The actions taken by each member of the College community to increase security can prevent a crime from taking place on our campus.  By following the guidelines listed, you can have an impact on your own personal safety and the safety of the institution.


  • Lock all doors in your office, room and your vehicle.
  • Do not prop locked doors open.
  • Never walk alone.  Always walk with a partner or in groups.
  • Report all suspicious activity or persons to the Campus Security Office, (904) 470-8888.
  • Stay in well-lighted areas on the campus.
  • Report broken or damaged locks to the Residence Hall Supervisor.



Sexual Assault


The College strongly encourages individuals to report incidences of sexual assault.   Whenever a victim desires to report the incident he/she may contact the Campus Security Department (470-8888), the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (911 or 630-0500 for non-emergency reporting) or the Student Counseling Center (470-8990).

  • Preservation of evidence is important to a sexual assault case.  A victim of a sexual assault is cautioned not to change or remove clothing or disturb anything at the scene until medical care is received and any evidence is collected.
  • A formal report to the Campus Security Office is not required if students seek services at the Student Counseling Center.


Weapons Policy


Both Students and employees are restricted from having weapons or firearms on campus.  The only exception to this policy is for law enforcement officers who are authorized to carry weapons and firearms in the

Sexual Predator and Offender Information


The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires registered sex offenders/predators to provide to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement notice of each institution of higher education in the state at which the offender/predator is employed, carries on a vocation or is a student. Anyone who wishes to obtain further information regarding sexual offenders/predators in this area may refer to the FDLE Web site at: http://offender.fdle.state.fl.us or call 1-888-FLPREDATOR (1-888-357-7332).


Missing Residential Life Students


The report of missing students comes from a variety of sources including roommates, faculty, family members, or guardians and parents.  If you suspect a student is missing, make your initial report to the Campus Security Department or Dean of Students Office.  Upon receipt of a report of a missing student, college personnel, including the Dean of Students, Residential Life, and Campus Security, will begin an investigation to determine the location of the student.  This investigation will include contacting known associates, friends, student activity groups, parents or other family members, roommates, and faculty.performance of their duties or, when authorized by their agency, to carry firearms while off duty.


Failing to locate and make contact with the student will result in the notification of the listed emergency contact on file with the College and notification to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in all cases no matter the age of a student.  The listed emergency contact is considered the student’s responsibility to keep this information current.  This notification will occur in less than

24 hours if a student if a student is not located or no contact has been made with the individual.  If it is determined that the individual has been missing for more than 24 hours, notifications to both the listed emergency contacts and law enforcement will be made immediately.  These notifications and reports will be made by the Division of Student Affairs.






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