Board of Trustees

Edward Waters College Board of Trustees

Dr. A. Zachary Faison, Jr.
EWC President / CEO
Bishop Adam J. Richardson
Board Chairman
Mrs. Ester Snowden
Board Member
Dr. Freddie Groomes-McLendon
2nd Vice Chair
Dr. Rosa Simmons
Chair, Board Development Committee
Rev. Elizabeth Yates
Board Member
Mr. Charles Spencer
Chair, Buildings and Grounds & (Bylaws / Ad Hoc Committee)
Mr. Ted Pappas
Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee
Mr. Mark Lamping
Board Member
Mr. John Baker
1st Vice Chair and Chair, Finance and Investments
Ms. Demetria Merritt-Bell
Mr. John McGraw
Board Member
Rev. Ronnie Clark
Board Member
Rev. Victor Cole
Chair, Audit Committee
Rose Leger
SGA President 2016 -17
Dr. W. Dean Goldsby, Sr.
Board Member
Rev. Henry E. Green
Board Member
Rev. Dr. R. B. Holmes
Chair, Academic Affairs
Ms. Shelia Seabrooks-Williams
National Alumni President
Rev. Dr. Julius H. McAllister, Jr.
Board Member
Rev. Joyce Moore
Interim Chair, Student Affairs
Rev. Clifton Riley
Board Member
Dr. Bruce Taylor
Board Member
Dr. Judy Scott
Faculty Representative