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Edward Waters College
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Robert J. Tedeschi, Ph.D., HA-MT, CSCMP

Associate Professor

CLIMB/Business Department


BA Biology/Chemistry, Mercy College

MBA-HA, Wagner College

Ph.D. Organizational/Technology, Capella University

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CLIMB is an accelerated, nontraditional delivery system serving adults ages 23 and older who have already completed a minimum of 45 semester hours of college with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or better. It is designed for those who aspire to complete their bachelor’s degree in an accelerated model.



Under the Division of Academic Affairs, CLIMB will become an exemplary center for Adult Education by offering 21st century programs that provide opportunities for students to compete globally and develop a sense of social awareness while upholding their civic responsibilities.



CLIMB seeks to cultivate an environment conducive to student learning, encompassing a foundation of academic excellence, and Christian principles.


Program Goals

  • To ensure adult learners can communicate effectively in a variety of interpersonal and organizational settings.
  • To ensure adult learners can demonstrate understanding of ways that individuals and groups influence organizational behavior.
  • To ensure adult learners understand and can demonstrate management theories, principles, processes, and skills.
  • To make sure adult learners understand and have analyzed principle decision-making resources that leaders use in organizational management.
  • To make sure adult learners can communicate an understanding of ethics in a world-view context and are able to apply ethical decision-making in organizations.
  • To ensure adult learners possess lifelong learning attitudes and skills.



Adult learners, who are typically employed full-time; can take courses offered either on- campus or blended (involving online and on-campus) format.

Classes are held one night per week over an 18-month period to provide the adult learner with the opportunity to earn the requisite semester hours of credit.

The students generally receive additional semester hours of credit for prior learning through the required Portfolio Process. 

The Portfolio Process

The portfolio process involves assessing all previous learning acquired both in a formal educational setting and through other experiences, such as on the job, to see if college credit can be awarded.


Available Options for CLIMB


  • Meets one night per week at EWC campus for each course
  • Students will utilize defined e-learning delivery system for:

– Instructor communication (email)
– Quizzes
– Team discussions
– Electronic submissions of written assignments

  • This format provides individuals the opportunity to interact, face-to-face, with their instructors and fellow students in real time.
  • 18-month matriculation


  • Combination of on campus and online learning utilizing the defined e-learning delivery system for:

– Quizzes
– Team discussions
– Electronic submission of written assignments

  • 18-month matriculation
  • Both options provide the same courses but offer schedules befitting the adult learner.


Financial Information

CLIMB degree options are all inclusive of tuition and textbooks. Please consult Financial Services for information related to tuition rates and grants/scholarships opportunities. Students are eligible to utilize college’s defined financial aid options included, but not limited to Federal Student Loan, Pell, Veteran Benefits, private lenders and employer reimbursement. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all financial requirements prior to registration.



CLIMB recently updated all the class modules and added a blended online component as a means of meeting the learning needs of 21st century adult learners.

CLIMB exists to accommodate the needs and learning style of adult learners. Since 2000, it has graduated more than 500 students.

Edward Waters College is poised to meet the educational needs and goals of our students. Through programmatic reviews and ongoing updates, the College is transitioning to provide 21st century educational opportunities united with real world experience.