Office of Community Service


Office of Community Service

1658 Kings Road, Mail Box #275
Lee-Cousins Building, Room 300
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Phone: 904-470-8055
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Student Profile and Registration Form

Volunteer Organization Form

Volunteer Site Verification Form

Time Sheet 

Office of Community Service

Our mission is to create an enriching community through engagement in student learning and community service while empowering personal and professional development through high spiritual and moral values utilizing collaborative community partnerships.

At Edward Waters College Community Service is a Graduation Requirement

Students attending Edward Waters College are required to complete 120 hours of community service to graduate. Students  who complete 240 or more hours will receive an honors cord for their commencement ceremony.  

Step 1: Complete the Student Profile & Community Service Agreement Forms 

Step 2: Attend a Community Service & Etiquette Workshop 

Step 3: Look for community service opportunities & visit the Office of Community Service for help!

Step 4: Selected organization fills out Volunteer Verification Form 

Step 5: Track your hours via time sheets & update with the Office of Community Service

Step 6: Receive Certificate of Completion and/or Honors Cord when you graduate