The President’s Office

Dr. A. Zachary Faison, Jr., President / CEO
Phone: (904) 470-8012
Fax: (904) 470-8039


Ms. Felicia Grover
Executive Administrator
to the President
Secretary of the College
Clerk of the Board

Phone: (904) 470-8013
Fax: (904) 470-8039


Ms. Hazel Clayton
Office of the President
Phone: (904) 470-8012
Fax: (904) 470-8039














The Business and Finance Office
The Business and Finance Office is responsible for the budget, finance and accounting, and financial analysis for the college. They also provide excellent facilities and technological support services to the college community.

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The Office of Institutional Advancement
The Office of Institutional Advancement at Edward Waters College builds understanding and support for the higher education enterprise by enhancing the College’s image, involving alumni and other constituencies in pro-active functions, and raising private gift support.

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The Office of Human Resources and Administrative Services
Our role in Human Resources is to support the Edward Waters College workforce through a variety of programs and services designed to inspire performance and achievement at the highest level on behalf of the College’s mission. We are pleased to work directly with individual employees as well as with supervisors, managers and senior leaders on all aspects of human resources management.

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The Office of Institutional Planning, Research & Effectiveness (OIPRE)
The Office of Institutional Planning, Research & Effectiveness (OIPRE) – a department of the President’s Office – provides official institutional statistics, analyses, and research to support and improve management decision-making on campus.

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The Office of Academic Affairs
The Edward Waters College (EWC) academic program is designed to provide a high-quality undergraduate 21st century education to all students. The program consists of a reinvigorated, practical, and engaged liberal arts education with comprehensive academic support services for all.

EWC liberal arts education is designed to provide our students with a program that is rigorous, inclusive, pragmatic, and socially responsible. Edward Waters College is striving to become an “intentional” institution that will employ resources and align its practices in purposeful ways to provide a powerful liberal education to all students in order to produce individuals capable of adapting to new environments, integrating knowledge from different sources, and who will be lifelong learners.

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