Facilities Department

Mr. George Dandelake
Director of 
Facilities & Operations Management


Kelly Burns

Facilities Director

(313) 401-9659


Nishika Chancellor

Administrative Assistant

(904) 470-8164

Annual Safety Report

Facilities Calendar

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The mission of the Facilities Department is to provide professional care and stewardship of the College’s physical facilities while operating effectively within the financial resources allocated by the College.

The staff of Sodexo provides service to over 30 buildings and responds to over 200 work orders per month.

The Facilities Department places a high priority on preventative maintenance of the College’s mechanical systems.  The department also responds to non-maintenance requests from individual departments.


You can put in an online work order request through “Maximo”.

To access Maximo’s Self Service Center to submit a work request, click on the link below:


You can save the log in page to your internet favorites, or create a shortcut on your desktop by right clicking with your mouse, select “create shortcut” from the dialog box, then “yes”.

You are required to register for the program before you can use it.  To register, please call Sodexo at (904) 470-8164 and someone will assist you with the process. 

Once you have registered, you can click the following link to watch a video tutorial on the program:


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure, or are unable to access “Maximo”, please contact Nishika Chancellor, Administrative Assistant at (904) 470-8164 or Kelly Burns, Facilities Director at (313) 401-9659 or Kelly.Burns@ewc.edu  

If you have an after-hours, or weekend emergency, please call the “Maintenance On-Call Line” at (904) 446-7708 and a maintenance tech will be readily available to assist you.