Mail Room Operations


Student Mail Services


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

8:30am through 4:30pm.

Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Student Mail Service

James Weldon Johnson

1840 W 9th St

Jacksonville, Fl 32209

On the corner of 9th Street & Fairfax Room 36.











The mail room serves as a method to receive incoming, process outgoing and distribution of College mail and packages across the campus in a timely fashion; through the most cost effective manner available. The mail comes by way of UPS, US Postal Service, and Fed-X throughout the work day. There are (4) basic carriers delivering to EWC:

U.S. Postal Service – Delivers once a day. EWC assigned mail carriers are Mr. Stick who delivers consistently around 3pm when he delivers and Ms. Cook (904-376-9345) around 11:00am no later than 1:30am consistently when she delivers.

UPS Services – Usually delivers once a day. EWC assigned mail carrier is Ms. Misty (904-228-3492)

UPS Ground – Overnight packages can cause more deliveries to occur.

FedEx Packages – If ordered before 10:30am, carrier usually delivers the package by10:30am on delivery date.

All college received morning mail and packages must be processed and distributed out by 12:00pm. This process consists of sorting mail received from all carriers.

All College outgoing mail and packages must be weighed, which consists of separating, weighing, metering and charging to the appropriate account. This mail can be dropped off to the Post Office at the end of the day.

The student mail service is located in the James Weldon Johnson,1840 W 9th St., Jacksonville, Fl 32209, on the corner of 9th Street & Fairfax Room 36. This is where all student mail will be delivered. Students should notify friends and relatives of their on-campus address immediately to prevent delay of their mail.

NOTE: No mail is passed through to second party for accountability purposes. Any student who violates these procedures will be denied main services and must utilize the main US Postal Office Services. Further, tampering with US Postal Mail is a Federal Offense as well as a violation of the Colleges Code of Conduct. Students can check on their mail by calling the main line 904-470-8300.