Performance Standards

Performance Standards

The Edward Waters College faculty members demonstrate 21st century pedagogy, problem and project-based student engagement, and academically service-based learning strategies.

Furthermore, the EWC faculty is fervently committed to modeling the institution’s core values, while ensuring compliance with the principles and policies of Edward Waters College.

Our professionals demonstrate sustained superior performance in modeling the job competencies as described below.

Business Approach: Employees must demonstrate exceptional job-related knowledge and understanding of their specialty or department as applied to our students and the College.

Communication: Employees must share information, concepts, and opinions with others in a relevant and meaningful way that results in clear understanding and desired outcomes.

Customer Focus: Employees must provide a world-class service experience by satisfying internal and external customer needs and building long-term relationships. Once direction is set, employees get results by actively managing and accomplishing objectives with others.

Drives for Results: Employees set and understand goals, and work consistently to reach short-term goals and support long-term strategy. Employees work with an elevated sense of ethics and urgency to deliver results that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Teamwork: Employees coordinate efforts to achieve common goals by communicating openly and leveraging the strengths of all team members.


Our administrators and supervisors demonstrate sustained superior performance in modeling the job competencies above and those as described below.


Strategic and Broad: Our leaders must create effective strategies, built upon a keen understanding of Edward Waters College’s business drivers, customer needs, and knowledge of financial, technological, and external influences.

Clear Capability: Our leaders must bring value and depth to their area.

A Decisive “Can Do” Ability to Execute: Our leaders get results by actively managing and accomplishing objectives, and through people they make sure good things happen.

Resourcefully Innovate and Flexibly Adapt: Our leaders see change as an opportunity, constantly learning and creating new ways for Edward Waters College to be successful and grow.

Build Teamwork that Makes Edward Waters College Successful: Our leaders put the needs of Edward Waters College first by building consensus, working across department lines, and taking advantage of the powers of joined forces toward shared goals.

Coach, Delegate, and Ensure Performance: Our leaders set high performance expectations and give people opportunities, feedback, and the latitude to learn and succeed.

Performance management at Edward Waters College is a shared process that is optimized when there is continuous feedback between employees and their supervisors about work expectations, goals and performance. Supervisors and employees are mutually responsible for completing the necessary steps to track and evaluate progress throughout the performance cycle. This collaborative process emphasizes employee engagement and development as a means to maximize work performance and satisfaction, and is designed to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between supervisors and staff members.

EWC values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.  EWC will make reasonable accommodations for qualified disabled applicants or employees.