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Office of Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs aims to provide information as well as services that will increase alumni awareness, involvement, and support to the College.

As with any college, the ultimate success of Edward Waters College is judged by its alumni. Over its outstanding history, the College has produced men and women who contributed greatly to their communities. Our graduates are found at the highest levels of corporate America, education, religion, medicine, and public service. The alumni and friends of Edward Waters continue to be active stakeholders in the present and future life of the College.

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Edward Waters College License Plates

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles issues specialty license plates, including one for Edward Waters College. The cost to you is a $25.00 annual fee (plus registration fees). The College receives funds for every EWC license plate that is purchased.

Please visit your local tax collector’s office to purchase your EWC tag today.

Show your Tiger Pride as you ride!

Alma Mater

In the town of Jacksonville, stands our college dear.
Where our founding fathers, planned for future years.
Strove to educate our youth, and inspire our lives.
Edward Waters hail to thee, may you never die.

Dear old Edward Waters, you’re the world to me.
Dear old Edward Waters, you will always be
A guide to lead me onward, everywhere I go.
I’m always thinking of you as I move about your halls.
I’ll still be thinking of you when I leave these sacred walls
Dear old Edward Waters, you’re the world to me.

Pre-Alumni Council

Mission Statement of the Edward Waters College Pre-Alumni Council

The Edward Waters College Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) focuses on preparing students to become effective alumni under the guidance of dedicated alumni. We strive to raise the awareness of the importance of the College Fund/UNCF through community involvement and fundraising activities. It is important that we learn about our responsibility to give back, in hopes of allowing other young people to have the same opportunities which we have been privileged enough to receive.

National Pre-Alumni Creed

I believe in the member colleges and universities of the United Negro College Fund and for what they stand individually and collectively. I believe that they should always exist and should always further the cause of higher education among historically black colleges and universities. I believe that these colleges form a legacy ever devoted to the high ideals for which they were grounded and that the pre-alumni council should promulgate not only the tenets of higher education but should promote the highest in race relations as well. I believe that I should pledge my continuing interest and support to NPAC and UNCF. I shall always work to keep the Torch aglow as I become an alumnus(ae) of a member institution. It shall be my intent to always foster and inculcate loyalty and devotion to my respective alma mater, National Alumni Council, and the United Negro College Fund.


Any student enrolled at Edward Waters College may become a member of the College or national Pre-Alumni Council.


Becoming a member of our National Alumni Association

You must contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (904) 470-8252 or click here to visit the Alumni website.



Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

The Office of Alumni Affairs is always looking for Alumni Volunteers. If you would like to learn more information about Alumni Volunteer services call (904) 470-8252.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain an Official Transcript?

Click the button below for information and forms for requesting official copies of your transcripts.






How can I obtain a replacement copy of my degree?

You may access the “Degree Reorder Request Form” via EWC’s website bu clicking HERE, or contact the Office of the Registrar at 904-470-8100. Degrees are $40.00. Please note that this process takes 3-4 months turnaround time due to ordering from an outside source and requiring multiple signatures from different entities of EWC’s executive administration.  Please note that this time is reflective of EWC processing the request and submitting it to the U.S. Postal Service; once submitted to the Postal Service, we have no control over the length of delivery time.


If I owe the College money or have defaulted on my college loans can I still purchase a copy of my transcript or replacement degree?

You will not be able to get a copy of your transcript or your degree if you have a balance in Student Accounts or defaulted on student loans.