Campus Safety & Security

In Case of Emergency: Call 911
In Case of Non-Emergency: 904-470-8888

Lt. Reginnald Smith
Director of Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety & Security mission is to enhance the living, learning and working experience at Edward Waters College by protecting life, maintaining order and safeguarding property. We fulfill this mission by providing our community with a full range of services that meet the highest professional and accredited standards of campus security. We are committed to the philosophy of “Community Caretaking” and working with our students, staff and faculty to build a lasting partnership.

The EWC Department of Campus Safety & Security will strive to meet and exceed the challenges facing us each and every day. We would like to emphasize that we will strive to hire the best and brightest officers and will always seek candidates with outstanding qualities. We look for officers that demonstrate integrity and responsibility; are community orientated, and can appreciate diversity. Community Involvement and Transparency is what we strive for.

Submit A Confidential Tip – See Something Say Something

Do you have information regarding a crime, suspicious activity, or serious issue you may have witnessed? You can report by calling 904-945-2769 or email

You will always remain anonymous no matter how you submit your tip.

Department of Campus Safety & Security – Officer Training & Certifications

As per Florida Statute 493 and Florida Administrative Code 5N, all Officers must obtain and maintain a State of Florida Security Guard (D) License, for unarmed officers and (G) License, for armed officers.

1) Agency Specific Certifications and Requirements

Each officer with Arrow Security must be trained and certified to use: Police Baton, Defensive Pepper Spray, TASER, Use of Force, Lawful Detainment, and Defensive Tactics.

2) Field Training Officer Program 

Every Arrow Security Officer is required to complete 40 hours of real world training through the Field Training Officers Program, prior to being placed on a Client Site. In this Field Training Officers Program, Officers are tested by application of tools and techniques they learned in the classroom, such as verbal de-escalation, conflict resolution, dealing with distraught individuals, handling emergencies, and ultimately, laws and legal ability.

3) Site Specific Training Program 

Once the Field Training Officer Program is complete, every officer that is assigned to a Client Site receives a minimum of 16 hours of on the job site specific training with the ranking Officer on site, at no charge to the Client. This is where the specific duties that are required and expected of the officer are trained, and the Site Standard Operating Procedures and Post Orders are instilled into our Officers.

4) On Going Training and Evaluations 

It would be impossible to expect a new Officer to perform flawlessly after only 16 hours of site specific training, our Site Supervisors offer regular contact, guidance, and assistance to not only new Officers, but all officers in the field. For every new Officer, the Site Supervisor performs an Officer Evaluation after their first 30 days on the Client site. This allows our team to determine where any deficiencies in training may have occurred, and allows us the chance to correct these deficiencies before they become a habit.