EWC Faculty & Staff Remote Work:
March 20, 2020

Phase One

EWC Return to Campus
Staff: July 6, 2020
Faculty: August 6, 2020

Phase Two

EWC Return to Campus
Students: TBA

Restrictions Lifted

Resume normal operations.
Date: TBA

Information Center

Maintaining Healthy Spaces and Environment

Operational Guidelines for Facilities, Cleaning, Social Distancing, and Vendors

Institutional Education and Training

Pertinent Information for all EWC Employees and Students

Screening, Testing, Detection & Response

Procedures for screening, testing, detecting, and on-campus response

On-Campus Resumption

Operational guidelines for returning to campus for all EWC Employees, Students, and Vendors


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Frequently Asked Questions

EWC Campus Operations Re-Engineering Task Force
(C.O.R.E. Task Force)

The task force is charged with the conceptualization, establishment, and implementation of contingency plans that will allow the College to resume on-campus operations in fall 2020 while ensuring the health and safety of the College community. The task force is further charged to monitor issues and communications from state and federal agencies to assist in creating plans. The task force will consist of several working groups focused on a plan to operationalize the resumption of comprehensive on campus operations of the College in various areas for Fall 2020. 

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Task Force Membership Groups

This working group will be led by Provost Donna Oliver and include the VP for Enrollment Management, Associate Provosts, Academic Department Chairs, Academic Support Administrators, members of the EWC faculty, and other members as assigned. Because of the scope of the charge, Academic Affairs will be broken into 3 sub-groups: Class Scheduling/Enrollment, Student Academic Support, and Faculty Support.

This working group will be led by VP Randolph Mitchell and Ms. Carla Graves and will include the AVP for Finance, Sodexo Facilities Management, the Chief of Staff and other members as assigned. The group will consider campus facilities management needs, ensuring employee workplace safety, as well as overall budget and resources needed to support reengineering plans and necessary strategic investments in preparation for Fall 2020.

The charge to this group is to: 

  • Review the options for delivering instruction in the fall 2020 and estimate the budgetary implications of the most viable options. 
  • Determine strategies to fund critical College functions and maintain necessary College infrastructure in the face of a possible loss of operating funds. 
  • Determine how the College will obtain the PPE and other resources needed and how to maintain a reasonable stockpile, sufficient to meet an increased need.
  • Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to support the health and safety of all students and employees of the College. 
  • Provide for the implementation of all social distancing requirements. 

This working group will be led by VP Mandrake Miller and include the VP for Enrolment Management, Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life & Housing, Arrow Campus Security Management, SGA President, Mr. & Miss EWC, Thompson Hospitality Management, and other members as assigned. The group will consider campus safety, residential life, new student orientation, student activities, and student housing and dining accommodations. 

The charge to this group is to: 

  • Capture the scope of social distancing that will be need to accommodate students back on campus, with emphasis on housing, dining, recreation, travel, relaxation, exercise, cultural enrichment, etc. 
  • Make recommendations on the changes needed before students return to the campus and the ongoing activities needed to maintain the health and wellbeing of the students throughout the semester. 
  • Identify any policies that need to be updated to prepare for students returning while social distancing guidelines are still in place. 
  • Make recommendations for delivering the campus experience to incoming freshmen while engaged in social distancing. What will be some of the major disruptions to student life activities? 

This working group will be led by AD Paul Bryant, EWC Head Athletic Coaches, EWC Director of Bands, Arrow Campus Security Management, and other members as assigned. The group will consider student-athlete and band member welfare and the ability to safely return to competition for the fall semester. 

The charge to this group is to: 

  • Plan the return of the College’s athletes to the campus, while the requirements of social distancing are still in place. 
  • Present a plan for ensuring the wellbeing of student-athletes and staff for practice and competition in the event that social distancing measures are still in place for fall 2020. 
  • Present a plan for ensuring the wellbeing of fans in the event that social distancing guidelines are in place for athletics competition in fall 2020. 

This working group will be led by VP DeShanna Brown, Chief of Staff Wilks, Mr. Justin Walker, Mr. Kendrick Dunklin, Ms. Michelle Provan, SGA President, Mr. and Miss EWC, a member from the EWC faculty, and other members as assigned to consider the College’s communication strategy for various constituent groups. 

The charge to this group is to: 

  • Develop and implement strategies for engaging with the campus and extended communities to ensure that the College continues to meet the communication needs of students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. 
  • Create a communication plan to keep the College’s constituents continuously informed of the directives, actions, and activities as we prepare for the fall 2020. 
  • Include strategies for protecting the College’s brand as we navigate through the pandemic. 
  • Include in the communication plan initiatives to ensure that the College continues to celebrate its accomplishments and strengthen its brand in the face of the constraints posed by the pandemic. 
  • Propose needed changes to the College’s marketing to support continued enrollment growth in as the fall 2020 recruitment season continues and the fall 2021 recruitment season begins.