Dr. Francis Ikeokwu, Sr., CFC
Division Chair and Professor
Office: (904) 470-8134


The Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to provide business students with a springboard needed to further academic or professional careers, and to instill the skills required to compete in the business and professional world. Therefore, our mission is to position EWC Business students for good job prospects, including basic social and critical thinking, communication, technology, leadership, and/or entrepreneurship abilities.

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Program Goals

The Department of Business Administration is designed for intensive student development of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit that will lead to successful career opportunities and advancement in business and industry.

The goals for the program are designed to create high quality business curricula that supports disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional academic excellence that meet global and 21st Century business education perspectives. In support of the College’s mission and philosophy, the Department of Business Administration’s goals are as follows:

1.  To academically and professionally prepare students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and privileges to achieve personal and professional goals.

2.  To provide academic programs, services, and instructions that support student learning and contribute to students’ intellectual development and personal growth.

3.  To foster the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills that cover global perspectives.

4.  To instill the importance of ethical behavior, responsibility, and effective professional conduct.

5.  To recruit and retain a diverse quality faculty/staff and support faculty participation in professional development activities.

6.  To guide students in preparing for and achieving future success through experiential learning.

The Business Department proposed and implemented the creation of various tracks, rather than awarding a degree only in Business Administration. Therefore, our business graduates receive a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in the following concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Healthcare Management
  • International Finance and Global Trade
  • Organizational Management

Minors: Accounting, Business Management, Computer Information Systems, and International Finance & Global trade.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of all course works, EWC Business students will possess competent and rounded knowledge in business administration, corporate leadership, finance, and accounting, as well as interdisciplinary skills in reading, writing, mathematics, listening, team facilitation, and the ability to demonstrate and exemplify profound spiritual and leadership values at all times, in any environment, as representatives of Edward Waters College.

Student Learning Outcomes

Concentration in Accounting

a. Students are expected to possess well-rounded knowledge and confidence in discussing, preparing; and analyzing accounting information as well as ethical issues in structured accounting profession.

b. Students will have the ability to demonstrate competencies in preparing complex financial statements and use accounting information to make informed decisions about the operating performance and financial position of a company

c. Students will be able to describe all aspects of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); and the ability to demonstrate competency in accounting policies and standards.

Concentration in Business Management

a. Students will be able to analyze a firm’s performance to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and be able to use business analytical tools to improve performance.

b. Students will be able to apply human resource skills to complete case study assignments and participation in class discussions.

c. Students will be able to explain the management science/operations research approach to decision making as future leaders.

Concentration in Computer Information Systems

a. Student will demonstrate proficiency in designing efficient algorithms and programming in object-oriented and event-driven programming language.

b. Student will demonstrate proficiency in database concepts, and proficiency in developing effective data models for manipulating data using SQL.

c. Student will understand the concept of systems life cycle and the importance of involving users in systems design, as well as demonstrate the ability to use appropriate systems analysis and design tools and techniques including UML.

Concentration in International Finance & Global Trade

a. Student will be able to compare and contrast major trade theories and policies, and their effect on international trade.

b. Student will be able to identify how cultural variables affect domestic business that engages in international trade.

c. Students will be able to measure a firm’s risk, explain what determines the risk, and explain how such risk affects the value of a firm in the global business arena.

Concentration in Organizational Management

a. Student will be able to identify dynamic groups and team activities and articulate stages of group/team functions that models leadership roles.

b. Student will be able to understand external and internal implications of communications in management, using various steps of communication processes and channels in conflict resolution.

c. Students will be able to apply analytical skills on business issues.

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