JACKSONVILLE, FL. (August 9, 2018) – During the annual Edward Waters College (EWC) Fall Faculty & Staff  Institute President and First Lady Dr. A. Zachary Faison Jr. made a donation of $25,000 to the College to support their newly established EWC Professional and Scholarly Development Fund. (PSDF).

The EWC Professional and Scholarly Development Fund was established by Dr. and First Lady (Tyciee) Faison to support and expand opportunities for professional and scholarly development amongst faculty and staff of Edward Waters College. In establishing the fund, the first family supported the aforementioned initiative by making a $25,000 gift to the College to be disbursed over the next 5 years with the Fund becoming accessible beginning September 1, 2018 and every subsequent September 1st until 2022.

President A. Zachary Faison, Jr. and First Lady Tyciee present a check for $25,000 in support of and to establish the Professional and Scholarly Development Fund.

“We are truly excited to make this initial investment towards the professional and scholarly development of the outstanding and dedicated faculty and staff at EWC,” said EWC President, Dr. A. Zachary Faison Jr.

All full-time EWC faculty and staff employees, upon completion of one-year of employment service to the College, are eligible to apply to receive disbursements from the fund once per fiscal year for a professional and/or scholarly development activity.  Activities may include reputable seminar/ training programs, e-learning opportunities, presentations and participation at external regional/national conferences. Specified professional or scholarly development activities must be directly related to the faculty academic discipline and/or job responsibilities at Edward Waters College.

“Our intention is for this gift to catalyze increased philanthropic support to our entire college community as we fervently believe that EWC is fertile ground in which others should plant seeds that will assuredly reap a bountiful harvest as evidenced by our outstanding graduates who contribute greatly to the City of Jacksonville, the State of Florida, and beyond,” Faison said.