Mr. Mandrake Miller
Vice President for
Student Success & Engagement
Office: (904) 470-8214
Fax: (904) 470-8036

Dr. Lanita Holsey
Assistant Vice President for
Student Success and Engagement
Office: (904) 470-8371
Fax: (904) 470-8036

Edward Waters College is committed to the success of students from their first educational experience through their adult life. We believe education is a journey of self-fulfillment, this website is a collection of tools and materials to help people achieve this vision for themselves and their loved ones.

Ms. Donna Drye-McFadden
Administrative Assistant &
HIV/AIDS Coordinator
Office: (904) 470-8221
Fax: (904) 470-8036

Office Hours
M-F: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Office Location
The Student Union Building