Dean of Students

Dr. Lanita Holsey
Associate Vice President of
Student Success and Engagement
& Dean of Students
Phone: 904-470-8371


George N. Collins
Student Union Building
Office 124

Mission: Our mission is to provide support and assistance to the Edward Waters College community focused on empowering students to succeed in navigating the college environment. Attending Edward Waters College is a major achievement congrats on being a EWC Tiger! Whether a first-year undergraduate or a seasoned graduating senior, college is a time of transition and personal and academic development. The Office of the Dean of Students exists to support students achieve their full potential during their time at EWC. We invite you to review the various areas to learn more about the services provided by our office.

Our Services

Although we are accustomed to doing a little bit of everything, we frequently assist students with the following situations:

  • Extended absences because of illness, injury, or family emergency
  • Critical incidents (e.g., accidents, safety issues, interpersonal violence)
  • General student distress regarding transition issues, non-academic matters, roommate conflicts
  • Health or safety concerns involving alcohol or other impairing substances

We look forward to partnering with you, your parents and family members in supporting your undergraduate experience. We welcome you to contact us if we can assist you at any time. Even when we don’t have the answer, we can work with you to make sure you receive the help that you need.

L.E.A.P. Institute
(Leadership. Education. Accountability. Programming)

The Dean of Students Office created LEAP as a common student leader education program. The goals of this program are to create a common and independent environment for student involvement by empowering student leaders with the necessary skills to engage their peers. The LEAP Institute is adjusted annually, based on identified areas of need as it relates to student leadership development. This program primarily services student leaders that stem from the five realms of the Student Life Department:

  • Student Activities Board
  • Student Government Association
  • Greek Life
  • Royal Court

The Dean of Students Office conducts hazing prevention and sanctioned workshops for Greek organizations, EWC Athletics, and registered student organizations. These workshops are tailored to the targeted audience. All students who are interested in Greek membership MUST attend one Hazing Prevention workshop and sign the EWC Zero Tolerance Hazing Policy.

  • Hazing prevention training session are held in both the Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Individuals submitting a report are encouraged to provide as much specific detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the reported behavior.

EWC Hazing Prevention Policy

Edward Waters College (“EWC”) strictly prohibits any student(s) or student groups or organization(s) affiliated with EWC from engaging in any form(s) of hazing. It is the policy of EWC to always provide a safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environment. EWC has zero tolerance for violation of its Hazing Prevention Policy. Violations of EWC’s Hazing Prevention Policy should be reported immediately to the Director of Student Activities or Dean of Students, who will report to the Vice President of Student Success and Engagement for judicial action through the Office of Student Integrity and Conduct.

Form B4- Individual Anti-Hazing Agreement

It is required that all aspirants AND current active members of the chapter sign the EWC Anti-Hazing Agreement; students cannot be certified or continue participation in the Greek Life without this signed form on file.

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership will provide copies of this form and the chapter will collect the completed form concluding your interest/information seminar. These forms should be completed and filed confidential within the chapter records.

Students may confidentially report to College officials list below:

Vice President of Student Success and Engagement
Mr. Mandrake Miller

Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students
Dr. Lanita R. Holsey

Director of Student Activities
Aquanetta Parrott


Hazing of any type is strictly prohibited at any time, including before intake activities begin, during the intake process, or after new member are initiated. Edward Waters College strictly prohibits and will not tolerate traditions, customs and practices that involve hazing of any kind, that interfere with the academic and personal development of students, that are antisocial, or that compromise students’ safety and well-being. The College will discipline clubs and organizations, including Greek-letter organizations, that engage in underground and clandestine activities and groups that are developed for the purpose of initiation into a club or organization. Students who engage in such activities as well as any form of hazing are subject to suspension from the College, regardless of classification, status or length of time at the College. Suspension in these and all other matters, takes effect immediately. Hazing is a ZERO TOLERANCE violation of the student code of conduct and students are subject to disciplinary action for engaging in hazing as defined by State of Florida law.

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership, the Vice President of Student Success and Engagement, Office of Student Conduct and Integrity and Campus Security reserve jurisdiction over membership intake activities and will monitor the organization and individuals involved in all processes.